Insurance Coverage

Understand insurance coverage

The Argus® II system and implantation procedure is presently reimbursed by the majority of the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), and the Medicare Advantage Plans operating in the geographic areas where coverage exists. Also, many private insurance companies have paid for Argus II on a case-by-case basis or established coverage polices for the device and procedure. Depending on your specific insurance plan, the total cost of the Argus II implant and procedure might be fully or partially covered. Our benefit verification and prior authorization specialists will work with you and your physician to determine whether or not Argus II will be covered and provide detailed information about your health plan’s benefit.

Reimbursement Support

In an effort to provide the highest level of customized support and assistance please reach out to our Customer Relations team to inquire about your specific coverage needs.

The reimbursement information provided by Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. (“Second Sight”) is gathered from third-party sources and is presented for illustrative purposes only. It does not guarantee coverage or reimbursement for services performed in any particular procedure utilizing the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System. Second Sight has used reasonable efforts to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information contained herein; however, no representations or warranties are made regarding the selection or application of codes for the use of Second Sight’s products or the services in which the products may be used, or for compliance with any billing protocols or procedures, requirements, or prerequisites. As with all claims, individual physicians and facilities are responsible for exercising their independent clinical judgment in selecting the codes that most accurately reflect the patient’s condition and the services actually provided to a patient. Healthcare providers are encouraged to contact the individual Medicare contractor or other third-party payers, as needed.