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Our Argus® II Retinal Prosthesis System is intended to provide useful vision to blind individuals severely impacted by RP.  It combines a miniature eye implant with a patient-worn camera and processor to transform how you experience the world.

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How it works


Implanting the Argus II is a well -established surgery, typically taking only a few hours. The procedure is performed by an experienced retinal surgeon, with Second Sight technicians available for your support. Once implanted, the Argus II implant sits in and around the back of the eye and is not visible to others. It is accompanied by external accessories that include glasses with a built in camera and a small portable processing unit that together capture and process video signals to be sent to the implant. Once the Argus II has been implanted, you will return to the clinic after approximately 4 weeks of healing to have your Argus II activated and programmed to your specific needs.

At home rehabilitation

Your rehabilitation process is unique to your personal goals and needs. A local Rehabilitation Specialist, who has extensive training and certifications in low vision and vision rehabilitation, will visit your home, working with you to set personalized objectives and create a timeline of achievement. They will take you through tailored exercises to help train you to interpret the signals from your new device. The more you practice, typically the better the results.

Ever improving

The Argus II was developed in-house through more than a decade of focused R&D efforts. As technology improves, so will your Argus II implant – without the need for additional surgery. Enjoy programming flexibility, and the capacity for future hardware and software upgrades.

What to expect

Walk through the steps involved from first call to a new way of seeing.

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