About Us

Second Sight’s mission is to develop neurostimulation technologies to enhance the lives of blind individuals, while supporting our current users.

Twenty Years of Positive Impact

The recognized global leader in neuromodulation devices to treat blindness, the company leverages its 20 years of technology innovation to develop devices to treat the broadest population of sight-impaired individuals. Inspired by personal connections with a retinitis pigmentosa diagnosis, Second Sight has researched, designed and created the world’s first FDA and CE Mark approved device for providing artificial vision in people with late-stage RP.

The company is actively developing the Orion Visual Cortical Prosthesis that bypasses the diseased eye and has the potential to provide a new form of vision to individuals blinded due to a wide range of causes.

How Second Sight Came to Be

A deeply purpose-driven company from the start, Second Sight has its roots in a forward-looking partnership between retinitis pigmentosa sufferer Dr. Sam Williams and pioneering medical philanthropist Dr. Alfred Mann. In 1998, the partnership expanded to include Dr. Robert Greenberg, Aaron Mendelsohn and Gunnar Bjorg, with the team working tirelessly to bring Second Sight’s vision-restoring innovation to fruition. In 2011, Second Sight achieved the first-ever regulatory approval for a technology able to restore useful vision to people with retinitis pigmentosa. FDA approval followed in 2013.

1998 – Second Sight Founded

2007 – First Argus II implant

2011 – CE approval. First Commercial Implant, Europe

2013 – FDA approval. First Commercial Implant, US

2016 – 5-year Safety Data. 100th Argus® II Implant Worldwide

2018 – Completed enrollment in Orion US Human Feasibility Study.  +300 Argus®II Implants Worldwide